Indigenous Worldviews

This report prepared for Fulbright New Zealand, Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, Te Wānanga-o-Raukawa, Te Puni Kōkiri and Ngāti Kikopiri 2001. It contains a report of my research into indigenous worldviews conducted in Canada and the United States during my time as a Fulbright New Zealand senior scholar and a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust fellow. PDF available here.

1.0  Introduction                                   
1.1 The Research Proposal                   
1.2 Methodology                       
1.3 Report Contents                               
1.4 Research Highlights                           
1.5 Acknowledgements                           
2.0 Researching Indigenous Worldviews                       
2.1 Te Wānanga i te mātauranga: A New Spirit in the Analysis of Māori Knowledge                   
2.2 The Marsden definition of Worldview                       
2.3 Researching Worldviews                           
2.4 Researching the Māori Worldview                       
2.5 Further Statements on Worldview                       
2.6 Defining ‘Indigenous’                           
2.7 The Unification of Land and People: Towards a Definition of  ‘Indigenous’                               
2.8 The New Study of Indigenous Worldviews               
3.0    He Rātaka/ Research Diary 2001                           
3.1 May 1 – August 13                               
3.2 Visit to Hilo, Hawai’i, June 29 – July 6                   
3.3 New Mexico, The American Southwest, 13-26 August            
3.4 The Grand Canyon, Arizona, 23, 24 August               
3.5 Albuquerque, New Mexico, 25 August – 2 September           
3.6 Albuquerque, 3-14 September                       
3.7 Māori Survival: E Kore e ngaro, he kākano i ruia mai i Rangiātea
3.8 ‘Attack on America’: Tragedy in New York city, Washington DC and Pennsylvania, September 11
3.9 Return to Los Angeles, 15-30 September                   
3.10 Hilo, Hawai’i, 3-10 October                       
3.11 Off to Ontario, Canada, October 10-16               
3.12 Arrival in New York city, October 19-22                
3.13 Manhattan, October 23-30                       
4.0 Extracts from Interviews/Conversations, 2001                   
4.1 Extracts from a Conversation with Dr. Gregory Cajete, 21 August   
4.2 Extracts from a Conversation with Dr. Gregory Cajete, 31 August   
4.3 Extracts from a Conversation with Dr. Gregory Cajete, 5 September   
4.4 A Conversation with Peter Hanohano and Dr. Manulani Meyer, 30 June    
4.5 Extracts from a Conversations with Dr. Manulani Meyer, 3 July        
5.0    Appendices                                   
5.1 Appendix One: A Framework for the Development of Māori Knowledge
5.2 Appendix Two: Māori Language Popular Music               
References and Further Reading